Before attending a race at Nashville Superspeedway, enhance your experience by familiarizing yourself with some of the policies here at the track. Please keep in mind, items on this list may be amended in the future.


ADMISSION GATES: Nashville Superspeedway welcomes all guests for its NASCAR tripleheader weekend. To ensure you make your way to your seats to enjoy the day’s race as quickly as possible, please follow these helpful hints to ease your admission process at the gates:

  • ARRIVE EARLY! The easiest way to beat the rush into the grandstands is to get there before the crowds do.
    • TBD
  • HAVE BAGS READY FOR INSPECTION! For your safety and the safety of all of our great race fans, we will be conducting bag searches upon entry. To speed up this process, make sure you have all pockets of your bag open and ready to be inspected.
  • SMOKING: Not permitted in the grandstands and tower. Smoking is permitted on ground level in open air.
  • CONCESSIONS: All transactions will be via debit/credit cards. No cash will be accepted.
  • ONE clutch bag/fanny pack, not larger than 4.5x6.5 inches and ONE additional clear bag or clear backpack, not larger than 18x18x4 inches, for headsets, scanners, cameras, binoculars, cold packs, etc. No loose ice permitted.

YOU MAY NOT enter the Superspeedway Gates with ANY of the following:

  •        Alcohol
  •        Bicycles
  •        Coolers
  •        Chairs
  •        Confederate Clothing
  •        Confederate Flags
  •        Drones
  •        Fireworks
  •        Flag poles
  •        Glass
  •        Hoverboards
  •        Inflatables
  •        Items that obstruct views
  •        Laser lights
  •        Laser pointers
  •        Pets
  •        Projectile objects
  •        Roller skates
  •        Scooters
  •        Seat cushions with arms
  •        Selfie sticks
  •        Skateboards
  •        Strollers
  •        Tripods
  •        Umbrellas
  •        Wagons
  •        Weapons
  •        Any other item that Nashville Superspeedway deems to be a safety or health risk

NO items may be left at the gate.

NOTE: All track policies are subject to change


We reserve the right to search and inspect all persons and items entering the facility. This gate admission policy may change prior to each event based upon local, state or national situations. Please contact the Nashville Superspeedway ticket office at 866-RACE-TIX for the most updated policies.


Extra wide parking spaces are available for purchase for the serious tailgater.  Spaces are reserved, renewable, and owned for the entire weekend.

  • If it fits, it’s allowed! We ask that you only bring to your tailgate what can fit in your vehicle. This includes items like portable grills, shade tents and other standard tailgating items (no items in the driving lanes).
  • No vehicle extensions! To ensure that each fan enjoys their tailgate and space is equally distributed to our patrons, we ask that no extensions (i.e. trailers) be added to vehicles to carry extra items.
  • Safety first! No ground fires in your space. All flags must be 100 feet away from telephone and powerlines. No metal flag poles. PLEASE BE SAFE.
  • Be neighborly! Tailgating is a community activity, so be courteous to your neighbor. It makes the experience that much more enjoyable for everyone.
  • Clear your area! All tailgating accessories (tents, grills, coolers, etc.) must be put up and secured before heading over to the track to enjoy the event.