Nashville Superspeedway will host the annual C10 Nationals Sept. 29-30, bringing together Chevrolet C10 trucks and fans from around the world. The annual event provides a platform for truck owners to showcase their trucks’ craftsmanship and modifications. 

“We are pleased to host the C10 Nationals event, and we look forward to welcoming participants and enthusiasts to our facility for a weekend of automotive passion and camaraderie,” Nashville Superspeedway general manager Matt Greci said.

The C10 Nationals will feature a variety of activities, including a classic truck show, drag racing, autocross competitions and a vendor area showcasing related products and accessories.

“C10 Nationals has been around for six years, and this is the third year it has been in Nashville,” C10 Nationals president Chris Baker said. “The event features more General Motors trucks than any event in the country, and we’re proud to welcome nearly 2,000 trucks to Nashville Superspeedway while recognizing over 70 award winners with custom trophies. A record number of trucks have pre-registered for the event, up nearly 25% from 2022.”

C10 Nationals is an annual event dedicated to celebrating the Chevrolet C10 truck and its enduring popularity among fans and collectors. Its focus remains firmly on providing a platform for showcasing these iconic vehicles and fostering a sense of community among C10 truck enthusiasts.

Since its inception, the event has grown in scale and significance; it now attracts C10 truck owners and admirers from all corners of the United States and from around the world. Trucks from 37 states and Canada will be in attendance, with attendees coming from as far as Australia and the United Kingdom.

C10 Nationals has evolved into a comprehensive gathering that includes activities such as a classic truck show, drag racing, autocross competitions and an expansive vendor area. The event is an essential fixture on the calendar for C10 truck owners and fans, offering an opportunity to connect, share and appreciate the craftsmanship, modifications and enduring appeal of the Chevrolet C10 in American automotive culture.

Event registration and tickets are available at the Nashville Superspeedway gate starting Thursday. The event schedule and details are available at The event will take place rain or shine.