Dover Motorsports, Inc. fans and friends,

After 52 years of successfully operating Dover Motorsports, Inc., a new chapter for us began yesterday. While it would be impossible to name the numerous accomplishments, awards and special moments that were created over those years, what is important is all of those memories are preserved in our hearts forever. We were guided by a small group of business leaders that had a long-term vision for providing great entertainment for our fans — millions of them — and they succeeded. Personally, I‘m lucky enough to have been a part of it for the past 15 years while working with a terrific group of employees (past and present) that I am proud to call colleagues.

As of yesterday, a new chapter for Dover Motorsports began. Dover Motor Speedway and Nashville Superspeedway team members joined the family of Speedway Motorsports, LLC led by President and CEO Marcus Smith. Along with terrific staff, SMI owns and operates first-class facilities across the country and produces thousands of events across its portfolio of tracks while creating lasting memories for its fans. They too have enjoyed tremendous success over the years. Without great people, great things are hard to accomplish!

Erik Moses and I, along with our employees in Dover and Nashville, are genuinely excited to begin a new chapter under the SMI umbrella. We will continue to provide NASCAR fans with our best efforts to bring you the type of entertainment you look forward to and deserve but now we do it with the abundance of resources available to us as part of the SMI family. NASCAR fans should be as excited as we are — great things will continue to happen in Dover and Nashville.

We will pause for Christmas and the holiday season and enjoy the next handful of days with our families and hope you will do the same. As always, please pray for the men, women and their families in our military that are scattered all over the world. While we enjoy the comfort of our own homes during this Christmas season, please remember those that are brave enough to stand in the breach between good and evil … and are willing to so for our benefit.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and an abundance of blessings in 2022! See you at the track soon!

Michael Tatoian
Dover Motorsports, Inc.