NASCAR officials said a meeting about the Next Gen car’s crash-test findings went well, clearing the way for chassis distribution to begin.

NASCAR officials said Monday that they were satisfied with a meeting about the Next Gen car’s crash-test findings and that chassis distribution would begin later this week.

NASCAR competition officials met with an independent panel of experts in the biomechanics and safety field last week. The panel had been established for a full review of data and findings from last month’s crash test of the new model, set to debut in the 2022 Cup Series.

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The positive nature of the meeting cleared the way for initial chassis distribution to teams, scheduled to begin at the end of the week, according to Monday’s memo. Technique Chassis, LLC of Concord, North Carolina, is the vendor for Next Gen chassis.

A Next Gen car was crash-tested June 30 at Talladega Superspeedway. The prototype was fitted with a crash-test dummy and controlled by a robot. In the days since the test, rumors about the car’s safety swirled but were subsequently shot down by NASCAR officials.