Nashville Superspeedway is gearing up to host the Slush Motorsports Festival on Saturday as the event is poised to feature top-tier motorsports talent and deliver an electrifying experience for all attendees.

“Nashville Superspeedway is elated once again to host Slush Motorsports in our community for an event that caters to motorsports enthusiasts of all ages and interests,” said Nashville Superspeedway general manager Matt Greci. “From the thrill of the drag race to the car show and burnout pit, to the excitement of riding along with drift drivers, there’s something for everyone when it comes to Slush Motorsports. We can’t wait to welcome fans and make this event an unforgettable experience.”

Slush Motorsports, which brings the event to the grounds of Nashville Superspeedway, has a storied legacy of fostering camaraderie among motorsports aficionados while showcasing the thrill of high-speed racing.

“We are excited to return to Nashville Superspeedway for the second time this year, thanks to the support of the Nashville motorsports community,” said Slush Motorsports CEO Philip Thomas. “Slush Motorsports Festival is a unique mashup of all makes and models and all driver skill levels. This is the place where everyone comes together to share their love of cars and different motorsports disciplines. We are grateful to be a part of this community and invite everyone to come out and experience everything Slush has to offer.”

Regarded as the playground for car enthusiasts, the Slush Motorsports Festival brings together drivers and fans from across the nation for action-packed, exhilarating experiences both on and off track. Fans can enjoy drag and roll racing, drifting, circuit racing, car shows and burnouts. Drivers benefit from Slush festivals, as they are afforded extended time behind the wheel. They also allow fans to participate; they aren’t just spectators. Many with a need for speed can fulfill a lifelong dream by hopping in the front seat for a ride along.

In addition to high-speed racing action, Slush Motorsports is excited to announce a lineup of exciting attractions. “Big Kid Energy” will be in full swing as drift carts designed for both kids and adults will be available for participants to drive, providing an opportunity for fans of all ages to get in on the motorsports action. Here 2 Race and Certified Performance will host a drag race contest with cash payouts for the winners of the radial and hard tire classes. Interested participants can sign up to test their mettle at their booth.

Auto enthusiasts and aficionados alike will be delighted to discover an exclusive supercar collection featuring over 30 rare and unique vehicles on display. For those who prefer a more hands-on experience, attendees will have the unique opportunity to ride along with skilled drift drivers during the event, providing an up-close and personal experience of the high-speed action on the track.

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